Laser Diodes

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Barcode OZ Part Number Price In Stock Sale Order Quantity
6287 DL-7140-201S
Sanyo laser diode, 785nm, 80mW maximum, P type pin configuration,...
stock availability
36724 ADL78052TL
Arima laser diode, 785nm, 5mW maximum, "N" type pin configuration...
stock availability
Availability: 13 in stock
13 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
35557 QL78F6S-B
Laser Diode 788nm, 10mW "M" Type in 5.6mm TO can. QSI America Q...
stock availability
Availability: 11 in stock
11 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
43389 DL-8141-035
808nm, 150mW Laser Diode, "N" Type, in 5.6mm TO can...
stock availability
32884 LD-808-5A
808nm, 5mW, "N" Type, laser diode, 5.6mm package...
stock availability
40945 HL8337MG
830nm, 50mW Laser Diode, "N" Type in 5.6mm TO can...
stock availability
Availability: 4 in stock
4 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
39131 EXS8310-B001
Super Luminescent Diode, 820-840nm, 7mW, 4-pin, "M" Type, 5.6mm c...
stock availability
Availability: 55 in stock
55 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
37412 SLD-370-HP2-TOW2-PD
840nm super luminescent diode in a TOW2 package with a monitor ph...
stock availability
Availability: 2 in stock
2 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
26281 QAL-850-06-D-18-1
Laser Diode, 850±5nm, 10mW, "N" Type, housed in a 5.6mm diameter ...
stock availability
Availability: 19 in stock
19 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
30742 QL85I6SA
850nm Laser Diode, 30mW, "N" Type in 5.6mm TO can...
stock availability
27273 QAL-850-04-D-18-2
850nm, 5mW Laser Diode, 5mW, "M" type in a 5.6mm TO can...
stock availability
Availability: 9 in stock
9 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
35088 HL8340MG
852±10nm 50mW Laser Diode, "N" Type in 5.6mm TO can...
stock availability
Availability: 5 in stock
5 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
42516 M9-852-0150-S5P
Axcel Photonics Laser Diode, 852nm, 150mW, "M" Type in a 9mm pkg...
stock availability
39195 EYP-RWL-1060-00100-0750-SOT01
1060nm Laser Diode, 100mW, "M" Type in 9.0mm TO can...
stock availability
48299 LU1064M250
Laser diode 1064nm, 250mW butterfly package Lumics GmbH LU1064M25...
stock availability
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6287 Not Available
36724 Not Available
35557 Not Available
43389 Not Available
32884 Not Available
40945 Not Available
39131 Not Available
37412 Not Available
26281 Not Available
30742 Not Available
27273 Not Available
35088 Not Available
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