Pigtail style collimator for 633nm, 1 meter long, 900micron tight buffer jacketed Corning PM 63-N90A, 4/125 PM fiber, terminated on end with an angle FC/APC connector aligned and locked along the slow axis with ER>23dB and on the other end with (0SP) 6mm OD stainless steel collimator housing with a f=2.7mm aspheric lens to achieve about 0.48mm collimated beam at 1/e^2 with a full divergence angle less than 1.7mrad. SP: 1- The fiber is angle polished and AR coated to give about 60dB return loss. 2- Pointing accuracy <3mRad, no strain relief boot at the rear. 3- High tolerance connector to ensure connector loss <1.0dB 4- Include beam profile at 10mm, 40mm and 70mm working distance
Barcode: 42144
OZ Part Number: LPC-0SP-633-4/125-P-0.5-2.7AS-60-3A-1-0.5-ER=23-SP
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