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The OZ Optics Advantage


    OZ Optics is the pioneer of high polarization extinction ratio fiber components. With over 30 years of experience, we can provide unparalleled performance of polarization maintaining optical fiber components. The manufacturing experience, equipment and facilities have been built up over decades of business and provide expansive production capability over a wide range of product lines. Our corporate headquarters in Canada is the research and development hub, and is the home of our process development. International talent and collaboration provides knowledge and a unique global perspective.


    OZ Optics’ strength is that our components are modular in nature. This allows for flexible designs that can be tailored to a customer’s specifications. Near limitless combinations of every product line can be provided with high quality standards and precision with very little or no added extra costs. OZ Optics works with small core polarization maintaining near-UV fibers to single mode and multimode telecom fibers, to large core step index multimode fiber, and even specialty photonic crystal fibers and any other fiber in between.


    OZ Optics is the manufacturer and assembler of our products. We ARE the factory and can provide both custom parts and large volume OEM production of parts. As the primary manufacturer with global presence, we offer significant pricing discounts starting at as little as 10 pieces. Our standard pricing discount grid provides an extreme advantage over our competition:
    10-24 pieces: 5% discount
    25-49 pieces: 10% discount
    50-199 pieces: 15% discount
    200+ pieces: please contact factory.