Multi Mode Fibers


• Huge variety of fibers available from stock
• Fibers for wavelengths from 200nm to over 2000nm
• Multimode, singlemode, polarization maintaining, and large mode area fibers
• Available uncabled and precabled

Datasheet :


If item is not in stock, delivery is usually 1–2 weeks. Contact OZ at 1-800-361-5415 (North America),
+1-613-831-0981 (Worldwide) for delivery.

For each fiber ordered, a respooling fee of $25.00 US will apply. This fee will be waived if total value of each fiber ordered is greater than $1000.00 US.

OZ Optics reserves the right to change any specifications without prior notice. Products may not be exactly as illustrated. All orders are subject to availability at time of sale. All red tag items are final and sold as is.
 Product sale: We currently have hundreds of items on sale up to 75% OFF its regular price.

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Barcode OZ Part Number Price In Stock Sale Order Quantity
16149 MMF-IRVIS-50/125-0.25-L
0.25mm OD coated, 50/125µ multimode Gradient Index IRVIS fiber....
per Meter
stock availability
3715 MMF-IRVIS-62.5/125-0.245-L
0.24mm OD, 62.5/125um IRVIS GI MM fiber...
per Meter
stock availability
17017 MMF-IRVIS-100/140-0.25-L
0.25mm OD coated, 100/140µ multimode Gradient Index IRVIS fiber....
per Meter
stock availability
1252 QMMF-IRVIS-50/125-0.25-L
Fiber, 50/125 multimode IRVIS, bare 0.25mm OD coated...
per Meter
stock availability
1268 QMMF-IRVIS-100/140-0.25-L
0.25mm OD coated, 100/140µ multimode Step Index IRVIS fiber, NA=0...
per Meter
stock availability
Availability: 230 in stock
230 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
3719 QMMF-IRVIS-105/125-0.25-L
High power fused silica Multimode fiber, with 105/125 micron core...
per Meter
stock availability
1279 QMMF-IRVIS-200/220-0.4-L
0.4mm OD coated, 200/220µ Multimode Step Index IRVIS fiber, NA=0....
per Meter
stock availability
1288 QMMF-IRVIS-200/240-0.4-L
0.4mm OD coated, 200/240µ Multimode Step Index IRVIS fiber, NA=0....
per Meter
stock availability
3297 QMMF-IRVIS-365/400-0.73-L
0.73mm OD 365/400 IRVIS high powered MM fiber...
per Meter
stock availability
2739 QMMF-IRVIS-400/440-0.88-L
0.88mm OD Tefzel coated, 400/440µ Multimode Step Index IRVIS fibe...
per Meter
stock availability
1298 QMMF-IRVIS-550/600-0.75-L
0.75mm OD coated, 550/600µ IRVIS high powered MM fiber, NA=0.22...
per Meter
stock availability
25179 QMMF-IRVIS-600/660-1.2-L
Fiber, 600/660um step Index NA=0.22 multimode IRVIS, with 1.2mm O...
per Meter
stock availability
22480 QMMF-IRVIS-800/880-1.1-L
1.1mm OD buffer, 800/880µ Multimode Step Index IRVIS fiber, NA=0....
per Meter
stock availability
1790 QMMF-IRVIS-940/1000-1.4-L
Multimode IRVIS Step-Index Fiber, 0.22 NA, with 940/1000/1035/140...
per Meter
stock availability
37414 QMMF-IRVIS-1000/1100-1.6-L
Low OH Silica/Silica 1000/1100 um fiber. Transparent tefzel jack...
per Meter
stock availability
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16149 Not Available
3715 Not Available
17017 Not Available
1252 Not Available
1268 Not Available
3719 Not Available
1279 Not Available
1288 Not Available
3297 Not Available
2739 Not Available
1298 Not Available
25179 Not Available
22480 Not Available
1790 Not Available
37414 Not Available