Modulator Bias Controller


• Wide variety of specialized versions
• Standard, small, and miniature sizes
• High-extinction ratio versions available
• Stand-alone and computer versions available
• User selectable locking mode and slopes available


     High Extinction Ratio Mini Modulator Bias Controller (Board Level)
Mini Modulator Bias Controller (Board Level)
Modulator Bias Controller - Chip Size Single Function
Modulator Bias Controller - Ditherless
Modulator Bias Controller - DP/SP QPSK
Modulator Bias Controller - for Dual-DC-Bias Modulators
Modulator Bias Controller - Precision Ditherless
Modulator Bias Controller - Single Sideband
Modulator Bias Controller - Tunable
Super Modulator Bias Controller (General Bias Controller with Pulse Mode Applications)

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66197 MBC-SSB-PD-3A
Modulator bias controller for single sideband applications. Photo...
stock availability
Availability: 3 in stock
3 in stock
out of stock
out of stock
66231 MBC-CHIP-PD-3A-P
Chip-sized modulator bias controller with 1 m long 0.9 mm jackete...
stock availability
66264 MBC-HER-PD-3-0V
High extinction ratio modulator bias controller with bias priorit...
stock availability
Modulator bias controller to be used with MZ modulators with two ...
stock availability
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66197 Not Available
66231 Not Available
66264 Not Available
66279 Not Available