Fiber Optic Polarization Sensitive Isolator for 1550nm in 5.5mm OD housing with 60dB isolation and 60dB return loss, with 1 meter long, 900um OD jacketed 1550nm 8/125 PM fiber pigtails terminated with angle FC/APC connectors.
Barcode: 27344
OZ Part Number: FOI-21-11-1550-8/125-P-60-3A3A-1-1-60
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Barcode: 29027

2x2, 50/50 1300/1550nm fused coupler 1 meter long, 1mm OD Jacketed 9/125um Corning SMF-28 singlemode fiber pigtailed with Angle FC/PC connectors on each end
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Barcode: 32399

Fused 2x2 splitter for 1550nm, 90/10 split ratio, with 1 meter long, 900um OD jacketed 9/125 Corning SMF-28 singlemode fibers, terminated with angle FC/APC connectors on each end.
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Barcode: 30839

2 meter long, 250 micron OD jacketed 8/125um 1550nm Polarization Maintaining fiber with tapered tip on one end, Angled FC/PC connector on the other end; 7±1mm stripped length, spot diameter of 2.5±0.5micron, working distance of 14±2 micron. The fiber tip is AR coated for 1550nm.
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