Pigtail style collimator for 1064nm with an f=2.6mm C-lens with -60dB return loss in an 8mm OD housing, with a 1 meter long, 3mm OD PVC cabled, 8/125 singlemode fiber, terminated with a super FC/PC connector. The output beam diameter will be about 0.44mm with 3mrad full divergence angle. The internal surface of the fiber is AR coated with a V-coating centered at 1064nm. A 20mm OD removable flange, o-ring, mounting screws and a ball driver are included. Singlemode fiber Nufern FUD-3575 MFD=8.5um, NAeff=0.08 at 1064nm. SP: 1- Built with Low outgasing material only 2- IL optimized for < 0.7dB, 125mm air gap 3- Parts will be put in bags, and the bags will be stapled as pairs, with the insertion loss recorded on the bag, to make it easy to identify pairs and their performance. 4- Pointing angle less than 10mrad 5- Return loss ensured by design not measured. 6- Collimator will be used for fiber to fiber application like AO modulator 7- Made in China
Barcode: 39896
OZ Part Number: LPC-03-1064-8/125-S-0.44-2.6CL-60-3S-3-1-HPC-SP-CH
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Pigtail style collimator for 1030nm with an f=4.5mm aspheric lens in an 8mm OD housing with 40dB return loss, with a 1 meter long, 0.9mm OD hytrel jacketed, 6/125┬Ám singlemode fiber terminated with a Super PC polished FC/PC connector. The collimated beam diameter will be about 1.0mm at the 1/e^2 level.
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