Compact tabletop carbon dioxide spray cleaning pen for precision cleaning. The unit includes propellant thrust controller, nitrogen gas gauge, carbon dioxide flow controller and propellant temperature control, spray pen applicator with 1 meter long hose, standard nozzle and pen holder. 230V AC version.
Barcode: 45703
OZ Part Number: OZ-PEN-230V
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Barcode: 65518

The OZ Optics FiberScope-WiFi is a simple-to-use hand-held microscope for inspecting fiber tips, with up to 400X magnification. It has both a WiFi interface, as well as a USB interface, for communicating with a wide range of smart phones and computers. The built-in rechargeable battery allows approximately four hours of continuous use between charges. Several common adaptor types come with the unit, including SC, FC, and LC female adaptors, and a 2.5 mm male adaptor. OZ Optics FiberScope-WiFi comes with Pass/Fail Analysis Software included.
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Barcode: 50535

Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC-based) 1x16 splitter for 1550nm with 6.25% equal split ratio accross all outputs, with 1 meter long, 900µm OD loose tube 8/125µm Panda PM fiber pigtails terminated with angled FC/APC connectors aligned & locked to the PM fiber axis on all ports.
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Barcode: 3299

Pigtail style collimator for 488nm with a 1 meter long, 3mm OD PVC cabled, 3.5/125 PM fiber, an 8mm OD housing with an f=2.7mm aspheric lens with -40dB return loss and a super FC/PC connector. The output beam diameter will be 0.6mm. A 20mm OD removable flange, o-ring, mounting screws and a ball driver are also included. SP: Brimrose flange
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