Fused two-by-two splitter for 532nm, 50/50 split ratio, with 1 meter long, 900µm OD loose tube jacketed 3.5/125µm singlemode fibers terminated with angle FC/APC connectors on all pigtail ends.
Barcode: 45863
OZ Part Number: FUSED-22-532-3.5/125-50/50-3A3A3A3A-1-1
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Barcode: 28465

1 meter long, 3mm OD cabled, 488nm 3.5/125µ high powered SM fiber patchcord terminated on one end with an angled FC/APC connector on the other a super FC/PC connector.
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Barcode: 19159

3 meter long, 3mm OD stainless steel armour cabled, 488/532nm 3.5/125 High powered PM fiber patchcord, terminated on one end with an FC/APC connector, on the other end with an angle polished 1.8mm OD ferrule. The connector end is pre-aligned and locked on to the PM fiber slow axis.
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