Fused 2x2 splitter for 1310nm, 90/10 split ratio, with 1 meter long, 900um OD jacketed 9/125 Corning SMF-28 singlemode fibers terminated with angled FC/APC connectors on all ports.
Barcode: 25721
OZ Part Number: FUSED-22-1310-9/125-90/10-3A3A3A3A-1-1
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Barcode: 3619

Flanged sleevethru connector for FC/PC to FC/PC or FC/APC to FC/APC connector key width conversion. Keyway width on one side is 2.03/2.07 mm wide for 2.00 mm wide (Type R) key connectors, while the other side is 2.15/2.20 mm wide for 2.14 mm wide (Type N) key connectors.
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