Fiber Optic Beamsplitter in miniature in line package with 1 meter long 900um OD jacketed 1550nm 9/125 SM fiber pigtails and 1x2 Polarizing Beamsplitter with 60dB return loss and angle FC/APC connectors on all ports.
Barcode: 23429
OZ Part Number: FOBS-12N-111-9/125-SSS-1550-PBS-60-3A3A3A-1-1
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Barcode: 11262

1 meter long, 900 micron OD jacketed, 1550nm 8/125 PM fiber patchcord, terminated on each end with angled FC/APC connectors that are pre-aligned and locked on the slow axis. ER=30dB minimum.
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Barcode: 4297

Plug type, singlemode 20dB fixed attenuator at 1300/1550nm with male to female FC/Angle PC connectors.
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Barcode: 42217

Miniature Fiber Optic Polarizer for 1550nm with 30dB ER and 60dB return loss, with 1 meter long, 900µm OD jacketed 9/125um singlemode fiber (input) and 8/125µm PM fiber (output) pigtails terminated with angled FC/APC connectors on both ends.
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