Miniature Fiber Optic Polarizer for 1300nm with 1 meter long 900um OD jacketed 1300nm 9/125um SM fiber(input) and 7/125um PM fiber(output) pigtails with 30dB ER and 60dB return loss. No Connector on both side.
Barcode: 43985
OZ Part Number: FOP-21-11-1300-9/125-S-P-60-XX-1-1-ER=30
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Barcode: 34922

Fiber Optic Beamsplitter in miniature in-line package for 1310nm with a 1x2 polarizing beamsplitter with 60dB return loss, with 1 meter long, 900um OD jacketed 9/125 singlemode fiber pigtails with no connectors on all ports.
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