Miniature pigtail style variable attenuator at 633 nm with 1 meter long, 0.9mm OD cabled, 4/125ยต single mode fiber terminated with angled FC/APC connectors on both ends and 50dB backreflection.
Barcode: 50164
OZ Part Number: BB-700-11-633-4/125-S-50-3A3A-1-1
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Barcode: 41761

2.2 meter long, 0.9mm OD jacketed, 3/125um 405/488nm high powered PM fiber patchcord, terminated on one end with angled FC/APC connector that is aligned and locked to the slow axis, and the other end with flat cleave and endcap 1.8mm OD ferrule AR coated for 400 to 488nm.
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Barcode: 40513

2.25-2.35m long, 900 micron loose blue color hytrel tubing jacketed, polarization maintaining patchcord for 405nm, terminated on one end with 3.0mm OD Stainless Steel ferrule with ceramic insert, polished at 11.7 degrees and AR coated for 405-488nm, unterminated bare fiber on the other end.
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