Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC-based) 1x4 splitter for 1550nm with 25% equally splitting ratio accross all outputs, with 1.0 meter long, 900µm OD loose tube 8/125µm Panda fiber pigtails terminated with angled FC/APC connectors aligned & locked to the PM fiber axis on all ports.
Barcode: 45953
OZ Part Number: PLCS-14-8/125-P-1550-25-50-3A-1-1
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Barcode: 50179

Miniature pigtail style variable attenuator at 1550nm with 1 meter long, 0.9mm OD cabled, 8/125µ PM fiber terminated with angled FC/APC connectors that are pre-aligned and locked to slow axis on both ends and 50dB backreflection.
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Barcode: 50532

Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) based splitter for 1550nm, 1x2 splitter, 50/50 split ratio, with 1 meter long, 900µm OD loose tube cabled, 8/125µm PM fiber pigtails terminated on all ends with FC/APC connectors aligned and locked in slow axis.
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Barcode: 50409

Pigtail style collimator for 1550nm with an f=1.01mm Grin lens in a 1.6mm OD housing, with -55dB return loss, with a 1 meter long, 900µm OD cabled, 8/125µm PM fiber, terminated with an angle FC/APC connector with key aligned and locked along slow axis with ER>20dB. The predicted collimated beam diameter will be around 0.2mm at 1/e^2.
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